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Equinox is a young designer label who operates in gnomonics and was born in order to offer specialized works and services for the designing and construction of sundials.

Our Sundials

The reliability of each component of the finished sundial is a result of an accurate blueprint, scaled working model and precision workmanship.
Always hand finished, the pictorial or sculpture work embellishes the contents of every sundial as according to the best traditions.

Equinox is a brand which is specialized in the gnomonic sector, building sundials of several types:

  • Vertical sundials, made of different materials, such as plexiglass, stone, brass and many others.
  • Urban furniture, such as totem sundials, analemmatic sundials and other great architecture works..

Vertical Sundials 

Urban Furniture

Vertical Sundials

The world of wall sundials projected by Equinox.

Ad hoc design and a vast choice of materials: our sundials fit in every space.
With advanced technologies’ disposal, like water-jet engraving, fine shapes follow the chosen schemes.
Handcrafted details add intrinsic value to the work.

Verticale Main

Verticale Buccheri Landing page

Grigia Municipio

Urban Furniture

Grande Quadrante Priolo Gargallo


Analemmatic sundial


Analemmatica Equinox


Whether very simple or sumptuous, either with a classic or modern design each and every work has been studied and adjusted from a stylistic point of view to the future hosting setting. Not a mass production: our dials are designed to be unique pieces.

Architects, sculptors, painters,,
A constant research of new technologies and selected partners as architects, painters, sculptors and ceramists allow us to offer a superior level product having always an original design

Sundial Canicattini Bagni - Meridiana