Solar dial installed at the Town Hall of Canicattini Bagni

Ad hoc design and a wide variety of materials for the installation of sundials in different environments.

With the use of advanced technologies, such as water-jet engraving, the profiles follow the designed patterns in detail.
Finally, the handmade finishing adds intrinsic value to a work of rare beauty and great uniqueness.

The accurate inspections carried out on the design and scale models allow us to offer certainty of operation and a high-end finishing of each component used.

Architects, sculptors, painters…
Qualified partners and the constant research of innovative technologies, allow us to offer exclusive products with an avant-garde design always original.

“Omnia aliena sunt, tantum nostrum tempum est”

“Nothing belongs to us, only time is ours” – Seneca




Vertical Sundials

Our outdoor wall sundials are made of natural stone or marble with sophisticated technologies of the latest generation and are destined to last over time.

Always finished by hand: The pictorial or sculptural work enriches the content of each dial as in the best tradition.

Post Nubila Phoebus: vertical sundial
Equinox High tech sundials
Vertical Sundial Buccheri

Urban Furniture

Equinox works in the field of urban design, pursuing the enrichment of public and private places through the installation of sundials.

Sundial of Priolo Gargallo

Refined design and technology without compromise. Here are defined the perfect shapes of the large Solar Dial of Priolo Gargallo (SR). 12 meters of absolute precision enriched by the gurgling of water for a type unique in the world. Inaugurated on January 6, 2012, the work was designed in spring 2010 and completed in November 2011. The dial belongs to a new and innovative type of horizontal watches.

The design sought the playful interaction of the water element with the rigour of gnomonic science: the cheerful noise of jets with the severe silent motion of the stylus. With the dial plane and hour lines in immersion, the shadow generated by the stylus moves in a wavy motion: the perception of time is thus fluctuating and uncertain. It is a metaphor for life. In emersion, the shadow is sharp and sharp in its slow but inexorable movement. Like the passing of the years. The motto carved on the slab at the foot of the stylus – “A luce primordia ducit” reminds us that every form of life and the works of human ingenuity would not be possible without our beloved Sun.¬†[Read more]

Totem Sundials